Sumanarathan Ampitiye Thero urges police to adequately investigate the temple shooting….

Ampitiye Sumanarathana, the revered According to Thero, police investigations into the incident at the Batticaloa Keviliyamaduwa Sri Abhinavarama Viharaya are not moving further.

Sumanarathana Thero begged the police to safeguard his safety while also requesting the swift capture of the offender. He emphasized on the poor security offered to the Eastern temples.

Sumanarathana Thero was asleep in the chamber when a shooter barged into the temple grounds earlier this week during the night.

Sumanarathana Thero performs the duties of both Mangalarama Rajamaha Viharaya and Keviliyamaduwa Sri Abhinavarama Viharaya’s chief incumbent.

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