Sri Lankan businessman passes away in Kenya…

Kamil Hussain, the Managing Director of Synergy Ventures  Pvt Ltd in Colombo 4, reportedly surpassed away in Kenya on Sunday (05).

Hussain has reportedly died because of pneumonia.

Expressing his condolences over Kamil’s demise, Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Sabry said, “Kamil Hussain, friend, patriot, social activist who notwithstanding repeated disappointments and setbacks believed in solidarity in variety for all Sri Lankans. Worked tirelessly to construct a not unusualplace Sri Lankan identification for all with out compromising our personal values and beliefs. Thank you brother for the support, recommend and encouragement and for status with the aid of using your pals and own circle of relatives via thick and thin! So heartbreaking to listen approximately your demise! May Allah supply you an homestead in Jannathul Firdouse! You might be overlooked brother .”

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