SL Navy arrests 53 people engaged in illegal marine activity….

In total, 53 people were detained by the Sri Lankan Navy for illegal fishing between February 9 and February 15 during various operations in the northeast of the island, the seas off Palaitivu Island, Pungudutivu in Jaffna, Narivilkulam in Mannar, and Achchanakulam in Mannar.

The suspects were taken into navy custody together with 13 dinghies, a single fishing trawler, fishing equipment, illegally captured fish, sea cucumbers, and conch shells.

On February 9, SLNS Pussadewa of the North Central Naval Command apprehended three people who were illegally catching ornamental fish in the Achchanakulam sea area of Mannar.
A dinghy, as well as diving and fishing equipment utilized for this illicit activity, and roughly 325 ornamental fish, were also seized during the search operation.

In the meantime, on February 10, SLNS Gotaimbara of the Northern Naval Command captured a second person for illegally harvesting sea cucumbers without a valid permit off Punkudutivu in Jaffna. During this search operation, the Navy also seized a dinghy and roughly 119 sea cucumbers that had been illegally taken.

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