Institute for Health Policy Survey….

According to a survey by the Institute for Health Policy, support for the SLPP, SLFP, and UNP is declining as voters consolidate behind the NPP/JVP and SJB nationally and around ITAK and SJB in the northern Province.


According to the report, the NPP/JVP now has a strong advantage over the SJB with 43% of prospective general election voters, compared to 30% for the SJB, thanks to a rise in support in February. With support from just 4% of likely voters apiece, the SLPP, UNP, and ITAK were well behind, while SLFP support maintained at 2%.


It continues by pointing out that the NPP/JVP lead in February might have been larger had it not been for a lack of voter enthusiasm among those who support them.

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