Death toll rises up to 28,000 of the Turkish – Syria Earthquake…

Six days after one of the worst earthquakes to hit Turkey and Syria, rescuers continued to extricate people from the rubble
on Sunday as Turkish authorities worked to restore order around the disaster area
and began legal proceedings about some building collapses.
The death toll in both countries following Monday’s earthquake and subsequent aftershocks went past 28,000
and appeared to keep rising as the likelihood of discovering additional survivors decreased.
It was Turkey’s deadliest earthquake since 1939.

In order to protect their properties from being plundered, displaced residents in the Turkish city of Kahramanmaras,

close to the epicentre, claimed they had pitched tents as close as possible to their damaged or destroyed homes.

President Tayyip Erdogan promised to begin rebuilding within weeks as he faced criticism for his handling of the earthquake

as he prepared for a nationwide election that is anticipated to be the most difficult of his two decades in office.

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