Cyclone Freddy Stikes again….

On Sunday, Cyclone Freddy, the longest storm in history—which has been active for 35 days and counting—hit Mozambique once more.

Freddy has already murdered 31 people while leaving a path of destruction throughout four nations: Mauritius, Reunion, twice each in Madagascar and Mozambique, and Madagascar.

Late in January, a disturbance called Freddy formed in the Timor Sea between Indonesia and Australia. As it crossed the Indian Ocean and approached the coast of Africa, Freddy intensified into a cyclone.

On the Safir-Simpson Scale, which is used to gauge storm intensity, it has been given a level 5 rating, making it the fiercest cyclone.

The longest hurricane up to this point was Cyclone John in 1994, which lasted 31 days.

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