Coal For Backup…

According to Lanka Coal Company (LCC), 13 shipments of coal that were imported into Sri Lanka have had their payments cleared.

The company’s general manager, Namal Hewage, reports that the unloading of the 12th shipment is now underway, and that the unloading of the 13th shipment is anticipated to start tomorrow (Feb 18).

Hewage said that there are preparations in place to stop a total of 36 coal ships from entering the nation this year.

He stated that the Lanka Coal Company has sufficient reserves to guarantee a constant supply of electricity through this September.
The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), according to Minister of Power & Energy Kanchana Wijesekera, has secured additional financing from banks based on the revenue it will receive under the recently authorized new cost-reflective price.

Wijesekera said on his official Twitter account, “As directed by the President, CEB will assure an uninterrupted power supply with the additional bank finance & revised tariff.”

Since late February, there have been regular power outages in Sri Lanka.

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