Sri Lankan Women found under the rubble of Turkey…

The daughter of a 64-year-old Sri Lankan woman who was reported missing following last week’s earthquake
has identified her body, according to the Sri Lankan Embassy in Turkey. She was a resident of Turkey
and had been residing there.

According to the Sri Lankan Embassy in Turkey, the deceased woman,

who is from Galagedara in the Kandy District,left for Turkey almost 20 years ago.
“The Sri Lankan woman who was missing in the Kahramanmaraş area has now been found to be dead,”

stated ambassador Hasanthi Urugodawatte Dissanayake.
The embassy worked with the Sri Lankan pastor who had saved his life in the Kahramanmaraş area
for the three days that her daughter was also in the area.
In order for them to get to the site where the building was and begin the debris removal procedure,
we coordinated with them and AFAD.
When it came to some locations where they believed it would be impossible to find survivors,
early debris clearing did not take place.
But then, she claimed, after great effort, the body was discovered this morning beneath the wreckage,
and her daughter was able to identify the remains.

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